Weekend thoughts

1. Birmingham is beautiful, even if you don’t leave the Mountain Brook/Homewood/Hoover area.

2. The sling is a better option than the stroller at the zoo–otherwise you’re constantly strapping in and unstrapping because he can’t see the animals when he’s sitting down so low. He’s also better able to nap in a sling… until rowdy older children inevitably wake him up.

3. It’s really, really nice to talk at length with someone whose son was born almost as prematurely.

4. You can get Titans radio there!

5. Try to figure out a way to work a wine distributor into your family. You’ll thank me later.

  1. Marcus (Mook)’s avatar

    Definietly agree about a sling better than a stroller. With my kids, its hard for them to see the animals in the stroller so we have to pick them up and put them back in and the cycle continues with each exhibit.


  2. Losing Lindy’s avatar

    I never figured out the sling. We should catch up soon. I have missed our talks.


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