Books, books, and more books!

I got a bookshelf for the living room recently. I’ve read all over the place that when kids can see/recognize the cover of a book, they’ll be more drawn to their books than if they can only see the spine. This bookshelf was easy to put together and looks great. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it (and from friends who aren’t parents, so I know they mean it).

The problem is that it only holds 20-25 books. That’s less than half of our current collection. So I started looking for more bookshelves, but the problem is that I’m out of furniture real estate in my house.

Then I happened across this post about how a lady made bookshelves using Ikea spice racks. What a great idea! And I had the perfect wall for such an occasion: the half-wall on the other side of my staircase. No furniture will ever be put there because it’s a hall and because these shelves are only four inches deep, they don’t protrude into the hall any further than the doorframe at the end.

Spice rack bookshelves IMG_0149


Now, true, each shelf doesn’t have a very large capacity. I arranged these so you could see as much of the covers as possible. But they definitely beckon a toddler’s attention better than when they were lined up on a shelf that only I could reach.

I did paint them white because the natural birch wouldn’t have looked as good against my yellow wall as they did against Domestic Simplicity’s lovely blue one. Overall this was a very cheap and easy project and I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

  1. amy donovan (@amy_donovan)’s avatar

    Love these, especially for a kiddo. Although, like you mention, they still look cool enough to appeal to adults, too. Bookmarking this for the future!


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