Some thoughts about two

You turned two! Your personality is blooming as quickly as your fine motor skills. You are really no longer a baby.

You are long and lean. Your height requires 2T but your waist is still in the 18m range. We use our Dapper Snappers a lot.

You are a little parrot. Your vocabulary has exploded and you’re adding 5-10 words some days. Sometimes you say things that make me do a double-take because I don’t know where you picked it up, but you know just how to use it. “Bye bye! See ya!”

One recent weekend your aunt was holding a baby, but you greeted her as though she were the cousin we’re expecting to arrive next week. It was really sweet. You’ll be a big cousin, albeit a possibly jealous one at first. (You did NOT like it when Mommy held the baby.)

You’ve started playing pretend! You’ll lie on the couch after breakfast and say “Night night!” as if you’re about to go back to sleep.

You’re very interested in doing things like a big boy. You’re working on using the potty, you like to use adult forks, spoons, and cups, and you like climbing up on adult chairs and couches. (You do really enjoy rocking chairs in your size, though.)

You’re a good listener and a good helper. You can put your books back on the shelf and can put your shoes away all by yourself. You brought me your breakfast plate so I could wash it–without me even having to ask.

You like going out and having fun, but your favorite place to be is at home. You frequently say “Home. Puppy,” when we’ve been out of the house for too long. You and your puppy are good buddies. You’re very gentle when you pet her and you like to offer her your right hand to smell and lick.

You usually throw overhand with your left hand. You eat almost entirely with your left hand. You’ll use both hands when rolling a ball or playing with other toys.

You are an amazing little boy! I love you!

Whaddya think?